What Is Process TO Join

The simple steps to join dollar device.

01 Sign-up

Join DOLLAR DEVICE by filling up the simple Sign-up form which asks for your Full Name, Email ID, Referral ID, Mobile no. and Password

02 Update your profile

After your Sign-up process kindly Login to your user account and update your profile in PROFILE section. In this section, users have been provided by an option of EDIT PROFILE. Dollar device accepts payments in two forms. All the bitcoin users are requested only to enter your BITCOIN ADDRESS. All the users making payments through INR are requested to fill up their BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER, BANK BRANCH NAME, A/C HOLDER NAME, PAN CARD NAME, BANK NAME and IFSC CODE.

03 Choose an investment package

All the DOLLAR DEVICE users are free to choose and invest in any of our 5 investment packages offering different percentage of (Return On Investment) ROI daily. A. NANO POOL B. MICRO POOL C. MEGA POOL D. GIGA POOL E. TERRA POOL
In a single account only a single mode of payment will be acceptable, either BITCOIN or Indian Rupees(INR)

04 Make payment

Select from the above packages and make a payment in DEPOSIT section. In this section you have to select an option of MAKE NEW PAYMENTS. After making the payments (in BTC), the payment will be auto-confirmed. For all the INR investors you're required to upload a payment slip so that our Admin can confirm your payment.

What is Dollar Device ?

If you find yourself on DOLLAR DEVICE, you are definitely in search of reliable, legit, long term and profitable investment opportunity.

Yes, you are just at the right place! Our company offers trust assets management of the highest quality on the basis of financial markets of CRYPTO, FOREX, BINARY OPTION, CFDs, METALS, LOOKBACKS, COMMODITIES, VOLATILITY INDICES. There is no other worldwide financial market that can guarantee a daily ability to generate constant profit with the large price swings in the MAJOR MARKETS.

Proposed modalities for strengthening cooperation will be accepted by anyone who uses cryptocurrency and knows about its fantastic prospects. Your deposit is working on an ongoing basis, and makes profit every day with the ability to get withdrawal of profit instantly and automatically. Join our company today and start making high profits!

Why Dollar Device ?


Coders :- DOLLAR DEVICE has a team of highly skilled programmers of blockchain technology in the development of the system: https://www.dollardevice.net/.Technology has provided our world with unmatched growth and unique opportunities, one of which is the Blockchain. Over the last decade, this technological innovation, the Blockchain, has provided us with a different perspective on how investments are made, as well as how the world interacts and operates. Here at DOLLAR DEVICE, our purpose is to ensure that each of our clients enjoy the unique opportunities that comes with investing in financial markets

Business Creators :- Network Marketing Leaders and Advancers with international experience in promoting DOLLAR DEVICE services, offering DOLLAR DEVICE investment packages to the world market.We have a program that allows our users to earn when they bring in more clients to our platform. When you promote DOLLAR DEVICE by using your unique link, placing our text ads on your blog and websites, or sharing your affiliate link through email signature, forum signatures, and more, you'll be greatly rewarded for your service. This simply means that you can use our affiliate programs to increase your profits.

Union of Investors :- Association of investors with innovative thinking, who have implemented many successful projects. Investment Professionals.We are aware that the financial market attracts different types of investors. And for this reason, we built our company on the basis of meeting the needs of each and every investor; whether small scale or large scale investors.

What we have In Dollar Device ?


DOLLAR DEVICE ANALYTICS :- Collection and implementing of official information, market analysis, making forecasts and implementing planned informational actions.

DOLLAR DEVICE TRADING :- Self-learning robots that implement trading strategies and control the market in real time.

DOLLAR DEVICE NETWORK :- "Interactive brain" with a set of algorithms for classification and forecasting, analysing the market indicators and the behavior of large market makers and trading robots.

What We have In Community


SUBURBANIZED AUTONOMOUS COMPANY :- Focusing on directing assets of accordant people towards shaping the global financial impact on changes in quotes/rate.

CRYPTO ENTHUSIAST'S ALLIANCE :- Creation of an extensive network of Network Marketing Leaders who promote the common idea of DOLLAR DEVICE in society.

BUSINESS ECOSYSTEM :- Association of businessmen from all over the world who are ready to transfer their funds to DOLLAR DEVICE resources.

Benefits with Dollar Device

Dollar Device designed for the investors who want to invest their money in proper way.

Accepted Worldwide
Top Security

We secure our website with best sitelocks available in market which ensures the safety of our investors.

Decentralised Currency
Best Returns

We provide best returns to our clients to fulfill their life.

Safe And Secure
Safe And Secure

We have safe and secure platform to protect your investment from attacks and malwares.

Low Inflation Risk
Low Risk

We have low risks of attacks to any platform because we have best security partners.

Easy Payment
Easy Withdrawals

We provide easy withdrawals methods for our clients to perform easy and quick process.

Our Profit Calculator

Provide calculator which provide you benefits.


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Total Profit :


Daily Profit:

Total Profit :


We work with the best security partners.

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